Thursday, August 26, 2010

Creative Me

I am so loving my hair!

I am continuing my research on conditioning, moisturizing, product and styling. As I mentioned previous post, I don't want to become a "product junkie". So I have been using Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and Shea Moisture Deep Conditioning and Curl Enhancer. I have also started to like ECO styler gel.

One thing I have learned is the difference between conditioning and deep conditioning. Conditioning is just a regular shampoo/condition that we would normally do when using a relaxer, but a deep condition is needed to make the hair stronger especially after using so many products and it has to sit on the hear a length of time while using heat, be it a hair dryer or a hot towel. I have been using my deep conditioner, but not applying the heat. This will be my next experiment to see it I notice a change in my hair.

So...back to not being a "product junkie" or "accessory junkie" which I am. I decided to make my own accessories. I have save a couple of dollars which I can use towards my product fund to try new products. I purchased flat jewels from JoAnns Fabric, hair clips from the dollar store and Walmart and hot glue guns I already had stashed in my "creative me" box, which my husband has been trying to get rid of for years. I did purchase a few cheap head bands, but I wanted to focus on some "bling" accessories.

Next thought: Protective styling.


  1. I definitely need more accessories for my hair.

  2. I try to purchase plastic because my hair is usually wet when I apply the products. It keeps me from having to buy more because of rust.