Thursday, August 5, 2010


A lot has happend since my last post.

To review, I set the date for my Big Chop and I was thinking about what my deployed husband would think of coming home to a wife with short hair.

I did go to the salon, but I didn't get the Big Chop. After the stylist ask what was I going to do with it once I get it cut, my reply was "I don't know". So after conversation, she thought it would be best if I would wait to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. I agreed. So after shampoo and condition, she roller set my hair using very small rollers because I am still dedicated to working out. I didn't want to get something so fresh, that the next day it would be flat. I was pleased with the roller set and added a few flat twist to the front and the back so it would have some type of style. Before leaving I did set my next appointment for Aug 21 (my mom's birthday), which I am planning to have my big chop then.

After my appointment, I found out that my husband would possibly be returning home early. So with that in mind, I really wanted my hair to be nice for the first reveal of me, losing 20 pounds since he left and me with shorter hair.

Unfortunaltly he didn't come home to the following week, but I was able to style my hair back in my second "transition" style (the last pictures I posted). Although pleased with my weight, he was actully pleased with my new hair.

After having the conversation about why I decided to go natural and showing him how my hair actually looks while not styled, his response was "I don't care, if that's what you want to do". YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I know I shouldn't let his response determine what I want to do with my own hair, but it is nice, to have the support, esepcially from a spouse.

I did find another hair style (post pics later). It more like an afro. I shampoo and condition my hair, apply Curlz Products purchased from Target (will add actul name in next post) section hair in parts, two strand twist and then banto twist. The next morning, I combed all the twist out, jelled hair up like putting in a poiny tail, then used a shoe string to tie the pony tail.

Next thought: BIG CHOP - Saturday, August 21 and daily moisturizing.

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  1. Many well wishes on your transition! It is great that your husband likes your hair, that is a plus!