Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let's Try It

I tried a new style!

I have been so fixated on flat twist for the last two weeks and decided I need something else. During my youtube research, MsVCharles gave a tutorial of her "My one hairstyle for ANY occasion". Hum, cute. So I gave it try.

First while wide toothing my hair out, I broke my comb. Wow! My hair is really think, I thought.

Used the Argan Eco Styler Gel to smooth back in to mini puff. Prepared the extension hair for bun. Looks pretty cute, cute enough not to use my hand mirror to see how it look from the to work.



Used my "built in work photography studio"...the bathroom take pictures. I DIDN'T LIKE IT. My hair is way to wavy for the straight braid hair. At least the local beauty supply store is 2 minutes away from the job, so I went to pick up a pack of kinky twist hair. Retwist the bun and repinned in my vehicle in the jobs parking lot, lol! Pic retakes in the studio and then complete satisfacation. Really cute do. Thanks MsVCharles!

Oh yeah, ran into one of my hair admirers on the way out to beauty store. His question, "Do you ever keep the same hairstyle for two days?" Me, of course I do!

Next thought....more than two day hair styles, lol!

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