Friday, March 25, 2011

New Hair Styles

Tried a couple of different styles this week, but lost my pictures because I got a new cell phone. So I just have to describe them. All turned out pretty good, so I may do them again.

The goal was to have a different style a day based on a twist out. Sunday I tried some new products since I was out of town and didn't bring all mine so I used what my aunt and cousin used.

Shampoo/Condish with Infusium 23 Moisture Replenish and Leave In. While PC, I used Infusium and wasn't pleased so using it now had me pretty nervous, but it was pretty good. The Leave In wasn't like my Paul Mitchell, kind of on the watery side.

Sealant - Jojoba Oil which was ok, but I still love my Coconut Oil

Style Product - Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1 - really nervous about this because it was a cream coming out of a spray bottle O_0!

Style of Day - Two Strand Twist - While twisting, I noticed my hair is actually growing, the twist in the front come down to my eyes, but still about 1 1/2 inch of shrinkage, but that was ok.

Monday Style: Twist out - very cute, I didn't have to add head bands or flat twist, wore it to work and rocked it.

but...went to the gym and couldn't rock it the next day.

Tuesday Style: Eco Styler Gel sides for a cute!

Wednesday Style: Eco Styler Gel sides for a puff, but did a bang twist. Thanks to Nisus staple style from It's Just Hair. My hair isn't has long as her's so i pinned them back

Thursday Style: Same as Wednesday

Thursday night: Shampoo/Condish with Alba Honeydew Nourishing (LOVE IT) deep condish with Avocado Mix. Two Strand Twist

Friday Style: Twist out with head bands

So, I think I did pretty good with the styles this week.
Next thought: more reversible styles!

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