Friday, March 4, 2011

New Style...FLAT TWIST

I can finally do some styles with my hair!!!!! It's been 6 months since my big chop and I'm still lovin my natural hair!

Utlitmate Favorite Style- Wash and Go with Flat Twist in front.

Fresh done Finger Coils

Finger Coils

Two Strand Twist got bigger throught the day...didn't really like end results.

Finger Coil-out...with my lil boy acting silly.

I am still deep conditioning once a week with the Avocado Mix. I tried to replace the condition with something new....bad mistake. My intention was to try another "cheaper" conditioner, which I still swear by HE Hello Hydration and I like the Suave Rosemary Condish. I decided to try the Garnier Fortifying Shamp/Condish (I still like to shampoo my hair :) ) The product read that it will replenish moisture and add shine. UMMMM not for my hair. After my 1 hour session, my hair was not moisturized, it was not fluffy and it was not soft. But my trusty ole HE. My hair was back to fluffy and soft.
So the lesson learned...not sure yet, lol. I will still play and remember my goal is not to become a product junky!
My new leave in conditioner is Paul Mitchell The Original Conditioner. A little goes a long way.

I have learned to prepoo on my sweaty gym days.
During my research of other blogs, Mahogany Knots, I came across a style that I just HAD to try. Here's my story....a few months ago, I had a bad hair day during the work hours and decided to go to the local "chinaman store" to grab a product for my hair. I was reading alot about Cantu, so I decided to pick something up. My choice was the Oil Moisturizer which was not what I was looking for so it "road around" in my vehicle for days and months unitl I watched the Mahogany Knots video for a Flat Twist style.

Of course my hair isn't as long as hers but I decided to give it a try. I used a little Eco Styler Gel with Argan Oil (I like better than Olive Oil) on the roots and edges to style and then the Cantu on the remainder. My hair wasn't long enough for the two twist pin for the back, so I flat twist to the side and two twits the ends. Pulled
the ends apart and walla my new style was born. I believe I can wear it was about a week and then untwist for a lil twist out fro.

I did make a decision to trim my ends before Christmas....another thing I learned...I really didn't need to get my ends trimmed, so I will not be doing that to often.
NEXT THOUGHT: New Styles and a new deep conditioner.
Oh yeah...I have a twitter account so follow me. It will be mostly about my hair experiences and other odds and ends that come across my eye sight! I guess that will be

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